DHC-2 RED Beaver maiden flight

Read what the pilot says: „The RED A-03 engine installation in the Sealand modified deHavilland DHC-2 Beaver is a powerful and fuel efficient new powerplant for this venerable airplane. It provides simple operation, and the confidence of near complete redundancy. The liquid cooling system maintains ideal engine operating temperatures from the most extreme high power, long heavy climbs, to steep low power descents. The operation on Jet fuel greatly expands the utility of the Beaver in areas where Avgas is difficult to obtain, and the reversing propeller option provides maximum maneuvering ability on the surface. This modern powerplant will take the Beaver into the next generation.

Jim Watson,
Evaluation pilot
Transport Canada Powerplants and Systems Design Approval Representative

A maidenflight always is an exciting event. On Feb 23 2023, the first DHC-2 Beaver took off at Campbell River regional airport, powered by the RED A03 V12 Jet-A compression ignition engine.
At a quite comparable firewall forward weight compared to the R985, The RED A03 offers 550 hp which led to a remarkable short take-off distance and a steep climb. The JET-A solution is the answer to the future 100 LL restrictions.

– The fuel consumptions is reduced
– Increased performance and climb
– Increased range
– Reduced carbon footprint
– SAF is an option

The DHC-2 conversion to the RED A03 is an answer to climate change considerations and far lower aircraft operating costs.

Sealand Aviation took the challenge and installed the RED A03 to a DHC-2 Beaver airframe in their facilities on Vancouver Island. As well recognised specialists, they are well known for an impressive range of DHC-2 conversions, modifications and maintenance. Sealand and RED teamed-up to make this happen, so the maiden flight was a milestone to step into the flight testing for the STC process which will be offered by Sealand Aviation soon. As the conversion already attracted some other Beaver owners in the pure mechanical process. The first sales discussions and planning are proceeding.

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