The 100 series engine model is designed for advanced trainer and aerobatic aircrafts. The engine is approved for high positive-& negative g-load factors, high angular rotation velocities and inverted flight.

This gearbox variant can be combined with the 500 and 550 hp power versions as well as high altitude mission layouts.

A seperate oil reservoire suitable for the designed mission profile and connecting pipes need to be considered in the design process.

A03 type design is certified in compliance to the EASA TCDS E.150

Key Operational Features

Certified for

  • +9g positive load factor
  • -7g negative load factor
  • Inverted flight operation
  • Aerobatic maneuvers
Normally included:
  • FADEC & electric looms
  • Engine starter
  • Exhaust system and turbochargers

Possible options:

  • propeller governor
  • engine display
  • fuel boost pumps and regulators
  • alternators

Technical details

No. of cyl and arrangement
Fuel type

Power A03-102
Bore & stroke
Valves per cylinder
Camshaft system
Fuel system
Electrical system
Reduction gear
Dry mass with aerobatic gearbox
Fuel Flow take-off power
Fuel Flow MCP
Fuel Flow 400 hp
Fuel Flow 300 hp
Engine control system
V12 – 80°
Jet A1, kerosene type fuels acc. to ASTM D1655, Def Stan 91-91 and GOST 10227 up to a maximum ignition delay time of 8.06 ms/minimum derived cetane number of 27.9 (determined according EN 15195/ASTM D6890)
500 hp – 368 kW/4,000 rpm
372 CUI – 6.1 l
3.38″x3.46″ – 86×88 mm
gear driven dual overhead camshaft
Single stage system
Common rail high preasure system 1,600 bar – 23,206 psi
28V 3.5 kW alternator
357 kg – 787 lbs
85 KG/H – 187 lbs/h
77 KG/H – 169 lbs/h
65 KG/H – 143 lbs/h
47 KG/H – 103 lbs/h
FADEC, EECU, EECS, sensors, Design Assurance Level B cert. compliant RTCA DO-254, DO-178B, DO-160G