A03 Series

V12 four-stroke compression-ignition piston engine burning Jet-A fuel. Just a few words but they transport the passion driving us to design this engine for your mission. The core RED A03 is a lightweight, full aluminium, reciprocating-type internal combustion engine in V configuration, having two cylinder banks each comprising six cylinders. The cylinder bank angle is 80°, and the total engine displacement is 6,100 cm3. The EASA certified power range is 500 HP or 550 HP. 600 HP are possible on request.

Compared to piston engines

  • Certified to use aviation kerosene, Jet-A1
  • 20-40% lower fuel consumption, positively impact the fuel operation costs.
  • Sustainable Aviation Fuel capabilities
  • World wide fuel availability compared to gasoline eninges
  • Better hot & high performance
  • Digital engine control (FADEC) certified to HW/SW DAL B standard
  • Significantly higher continuous and maximum take-off power rating than other piston engines on the market.
  • Potential increase of aircraft payload, maximum operation speed and range
  • Potential shorter runway & on-route climb time

Compared to turbine engines

  • Significantly better fuel efficiency and result in reduction of fuel operation costs
  • Up to 50% lower fuel consumption, positiv impact on the fuel operation costs.
  • Potential increase of maximum flight range, due to much lower fuel consumption
  • Even more efficient engine operation at lower altitudes
  • MRO cost reduction
  • Potential to use shorter runway, due to non-existing spool-up time
  • Generally better hot & high performance, compared to non-derated turbines
  • Lower noise and exhaust gas emissions


We are offering different versions of the engine to cover your particular mission purpose.