A Pilot testimony

A word from the test pilot about his first impressions:

„The RED A-03 engine installation in the Sealand modified deHavilland DHC-2 Beaver is a powerful and fuel efficient new powerplant for this venerable airplane. It provides simple operation, and the confidence of near complete redundancy. The liquid cooling system maintains ideal engine operating temperatures from the most extreme high power, long heavy climbs, to steep low power descents. The operation on Jet fuel greatly expands the utility of the Beaver in areas where Avgas is difficult to obtain, and the reversing propeller option provides maximum maneuvering ability on the surface. This modern powerplant will take the Beaver into the next generation.

Jim Watson,
Evaluation pilot
Transport Canada Powerplants and Systems Design Approval Representative

The RED-Beaver inflight pictures are all copyright Bob Kobzey. Thank you for the service.